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Stiga 500 series Cordless range

Stiga 500 Series cordless The 500 series of machinery is a battery system that includes many pieces of equipment that operate from a single type of battery, ensuring ease of use. There are 3 different battery sizes, all of which fit the same physical size and fitment, but with extendedRead More

Stiga Cordless Range

The Stiga cordless range is a selection of garden tools that all use the same 48 volt battery and charger system. All these models have simple operation via 2 safety switches and are far more quiet than their petrol counterparts, as well as having no issues starting or storing themRead More

Mitox 28PP

The Mitox 28PP is perfect for cutting off difficult to reach branches without the need for ladder or other equipment. It features a 25cc engine, standard loop handle and a 10 inch pruning chainsaw on the end, with multiple positions for maximum flexibility. It comes included with a high qualityRead More