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SARP VS253S Brushcutter

The SARP brushcutter is a high quality, Japanese built machine that features a reliable Kawasaki TJ27, 2 stroke engine. It is fitted with a tap and go nylon line head, and a single loop handle. Model year 2006. £149 inc VAT

Weibang Intrepid 486CRB Scarifier

The Weibang Intrepid is a solid-built, scarifier for effectively remove moss and thatch from the grass. It features a reliable Briggs and Stratton engine, carbon steel blades with a working width of 18 inches and puncture free, solid rubber tyres – mounted to ball bearing wheels. Owing to its solid construction,Read More

Wolf Garten

We have a large variety of Wolf Garten hand tools, including mutiple specially implements designed for cutting, sawing, harvesting, digging and many other applications. Most of the wolf tools feature a range of different sizes and types of handles to fit multiple tools, to make their use as comfortable asRead More

Ochiai combi tool

The Ochiai combi tool system is a range of Japanese multi fit heads with one power unit, the DP10. This power unit features a high quality construction and a reliable and powerful Kawasaki engine. The available attachments are as follows; DP10 – Power unit CH20 – Long reach hedgecutter CP10Read More

2019 Mitox Premium Series

The 2019 series are a new design of the previous CS premium series, with all new casings, inbuilt chainbrake, captive bar nuts and many other improvements. This series of chainsaws offer high performance as well as high quality Oregon guide bars and chains. All models offer easy starting spring assisted recoils,Read More

Stiga Silex 87B Sythe mower

The Stiga Silex 87B is a Sythe mower with a height adjustable, 87cm cutter bar perfect for dealing with difficult, bumpy terrain with tall grass and other thick vegetation. It is fitted with an easy starting, 150cc Briggs and Stratton 625 series engine, and is self propelled for ease ofRead More

Stiga SGM handheld trimming tool

The Stiga SGM are a series of small, battery powered multi tools that feature 2 changeable heads, one with an oscillating blade and the other with a 20cm cut, double sided strait blade. The built in battery is either a 7.2V or 10.8V 2.5ah unit that can run the bladesRead More

Alko 460BR rotary mower

The ALKO 460BR is a self propelled, 4 wheeled rotary walk behind mower, featuring the tried and trusted Briggs and Stratton 148cc engine and a decent size grass box. 2007 model year, some paint defects and scuffs. £149 inc VAT. 

Lawnflite Pro 553HRS-PRO-HS #60

The Lawnflite Pro 553HRS is a sturdy aluminium deck mower with a blade brake clutch, Honda engine and 21 inch cut. It features a self propelled, large steel roller. This mower does have some scratches and scuffs, but has just had a gearbox rebuild. Perfect for some contractor use, orRead More

Lawnflite Pro 553HRS-PRO-HS #61

The Lawnflite Pro 553HRS is a sturdy aluminium deck mower with a blade brake clutch, Honda engine and 21 inch cut. It features a self propelled, large steel roller. Although the machines appearance is slighty tired, it has just had a gearbox rebuild and is fully operational. £495 inc VAT

Cub Cadet XT1OS96 tractor

Side discharge, 96cm/38in cut lawn tractor. Features a hydrostatic transmission with cruise control, tight turn radius steering and a single cylinder cub cadet engine. 2016 model, 124 hours. £1995 inc VAT and local delivery

Atco BBC rotary mowers

The Atco BBC is an improved version of the Liner and Quattro series, retaining the galvanized chassis, twinclip blade and variable speed transmission, but gaining the addition of a blade brake clutch. This means it is possible to disengage the blade and leave the machine running whilst emptying the grassRead More

Masport 6.5XL shredder

The Masport 6.5XL is a highly effective chipper shredder fitted with a 6HP Briggs and Stratton engine, and can demolish material down to at least 20% of its original size. It can recycle branches up to 2.5 inches through the side chute, and smaller foliage and sticks via the topRead More

Stiga HPS electric pressure washers

The Stiga HPS range are a selection of good quality electric pressure washers ranging in size and power. They feature easy to operate controls and offer good performance for their size. All units feature wheels and handles for easy transportation, and a reel on the top to avoid the washerRead More

Loncin Engines

Should you require a replacement engine to bring an old machine back to life, or an engine for a new project, Loncin have one to fit most purposes. They offer great value and range in size from a 1.8HP 97cc single cylinder to a 30HP 1 litre twin cylinder (verticalRead More

Loncin Pumps

Loncin offer a range of pumps, in a selection of sizes. LC25ZB21-1.2Q 1 inch water pump LC50ZB23-3.1Q 2 inch water pump LC50ZB60-4.5Q 2 inch high lift water pump LC80ZB35-4.5Q 3 inch water pump LC80WB30-4.5Q 3 inch semi-trash pump For latest pricing and availability please give us a call

Wilkinson Sword

We stock a small collection of Wilkinson Sword products, all of which have a 10 year warranty. We have 2 different sizes of spade, 2 sizes of forks as well as felling and splitting axes. We also carry garden shears of various types. Please call us for latest pricing

Loncin Generators

Loncin make a variety of generators, available in large capacities, and also as inverter versions. There are open frame versions (the larger models feature wheels) and also suitcase models that benefit from reduced noise and increased portability. All engines are fitted with a low oil shutoff or warning system. LargerRead More

Weibang Legacy 48V

The Weibang Legacy 48V is a robust, aluminium deck rear roller mower, powered by a powerful Briggs and Stratton engine. For domestic users, the machine has a 5 year warranty and an impressive 25 year warranty on the deck. It features multiple improvements over low cost alternatives such as ballRead More

Weibang LV800 self propelled leaf vacuum

The Weibang LV800 is a high quality, walk behind leave vacuum. It is self propelled by a variable speed gearbox, features an easy starting, highly reliable Honda engine and also easy selecting height adjuster. This model has a large collection bag and large chute to avoid blockages. It also featuresRead More