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Weibang Intrepid 486CRB Scarifier

The Weibang Intrepid is a solid-built, scarifier for effectively remove moss and thatch from the grass. It features a reliable Briggs and Stratton engine, carbon steel blades with a working width of 18 inches and puncture free, solid rubber tyres Рmounted to ball bearing wheels. Owing to its solid construction,Read More

Stiga Silex 87B Scythe mower

The Stiga Silex 87B is a Sythe mower with a height adjustable, 87cm cutter bar perfect for dealing with difficult, bumpy terrain with tall grass and other thick vegetation. It is fitted with an easy starting, 150cc Briggs and Stratton 625 series engine, and is self propelled for ease ofRead More

Masport 6.5XL shredder

The Masport 6.5XL is a highly effective chipper shredder fitted with a 6HP Briggs and Stratton engine, and can demolish material down to at least 20% of its original size. It can recycle branches up to 2.5 inches through the side chute, and smaller foliage and sticks via the topRead More

Stiga HPS electric pressure washers

The Stiga HPS range are a selection of good quality electric pressure washers ranging in size and power. They feature easy to operate controls and offer good performance for their size. All units feature wheels and handles for easy transportation, and a reel on the top to avoid the washerRead More

Loncin Engines

Should you require a replacement engine to bring an old machine back to life, or an engine for a new project, Loncin have one to fit most purposes. They offer great value and range in size from a 1.8HP 97cc single cylinder to a 30HP 1 litre twin cylinder (verticalRead More

Loncin Pumps

Loncin offer a range of pumps, in a selection of sizes. LC25ZB21-1.2Q 1 inch water pump LC50ZB23-3.1Q 2 inch water pump LC50ZB60-4.5Q 2 inch high lift water pump LC80ZB35-4.5Q 3 inch water pump LC80WB30-4.5Q 3 inch semi-trash pump For latest pricing and availability please give us a call

Loncin Generators

Loncin make a variety of generators, available in large capacities, and also as inverter versions. There are open frame versions (the larger models feature wheels) and also suitcase models that benefit from reduced noise and increased portability. All engines are fitted with a low oil shutoff or warning system. LargerRead More