ATCO Liner – Roller petrol mowers

The Atco Liner series are a popular, great performing rotary mower featuring good quality engines and a significant collection of models to suit any home user. Most Atco liner mowers (specified below) feature single speed self drive to make it easier to use, a single height adjusting lever for both the front wheels and the rear roller. These models feature a 55 litre grass bag for collection of the clippings and a plastic roller for an attractive striped finish. An electric start model is also available for even easier operation.

The range of standard Atco Liner mowers is as follows;

Liner 16 (hand propelled, 16in cut, Briggs 450E engine)

Liner 16S (self propelled, 16in cut, Briggs 450E engine)

Liner 16SH (self propelled, 16in cut, Honda GCV160 engine)

Liner 18S (self propelled, 18in cut, Briggs 625E engine)

Liner 18SE (self propelled, 18in cut, Briggs 675IS electric start engine)

Liner 18SH (self propelled, 18in cut, Honda GXV160 engine)

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