Loncin Generators

Loncin make a variety of generators, available in large capacities, and also as inverter versions. There are open frame versions (the larger models feature wheels) and also suitcase models that benefit from reduced noise and increased portability. All engines are fitted with a low oil shutoff or warning system. Larger capacity generators also are fitted with electric start. There are both 110 volt and 240v versions available. Inverter generators produce a smoother electrical supply which is preferred for running sensitive computer equipment, motors or other appliances.

We can supply any of the Loncin generators, below is the basic selection.

LC2000i – 1.6KW suitcase, inverter 240V (110V available)

LC3500i-S – 3KW suitcase, inverter, 240v

LC3500iO – 3KW, standard open frame, 240V (110V available)

LC2500AS – 2KW, standard open frame 

LC3000AS – 2.3KW, standard open frame (110 and 240V outlets)

LC5000D-A – 4KW, standard open frame, electric start, wheels. (110 and 240V outlets)

LC6500D-A – 5KW, standard open frame, electric start, wheels. (110 and 240V outlets)

LC8000D-A – 6KW standard open frame, electric start, wheels. (110 and 240V outlets)

**    Please call for latest pricing and stock    **